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Please refer to the Mods page for details on how to install the mods for the server.
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Further Spawn Developments

MTPetey aOwnero
MTPetey @ MoCreaturesCommunity
posted Dec 15, 14

Four train stations have recently been added to spawn. They each lead to the edge of the spawn reserve region in each of the four cardinal directions. The north station is found on the path leading around the windmill, the west station is in the basement of the transportation services building. The east and south tracks are in buildings easily found by following the roads leading south and east from the server spawn point. Each track does have an actual destination.

The north track leads to what was previously the Shopping Center built by KiContradiction. With her permission I have made it where the third floor is reserved for apartments, and the area has been renamed North City. I plan on putting a couple admin shops there, to make the journey worth while. I also hope to encourage its use for player shops. Aside from a few minor changes, it was built entirely by Ki, and it just happened to be right where I was building the track anyways. Its a nice looking place, so be sure to check it out. The south track leads to what we now call Southern Island. Southern Island is home to one of the End Portals. Its actually the hardest portal to actually locate. Kudos to anyone who happens to find it. The metro station located there was built by Frostbite16, so if you like it, make sure to let him know. The island is still a couple hundred blocks from the region border, but I put a sign where you can get free boats, so it shouldn't be too hard to reach the border that way. It also happened to be right where I was building the track anyways, so yay for coincidence.

The east track leads to what I have dubbed Eastern Command. It is a castle I built for a reason long forgotten and it also just happened to be there. It is also near the 256 meter bean stalk/sugar cane. It was built by Kawney and is a testament to determination to build something not previously seen on the server. You won't find a giant at the top, but it is still cool to look at. The west track leads to the recently made West City. The buildings are modified versions of the buildings from the Fantasy Bundle Schematic Pack by AngryBuild. If anyone has ever built anything of a similar style, I am looking to expand the city. Credit will be given, naturally.

The building of these tracks is the culmination of a plan I've had for ages of having roads leading from spawn. I'm happy to have finally had the time to complete this task, and I hope the players enjoy them. They should also put to rest all of the claims that "it is impossible to get out of the spawn region," but we shall see.

KiContradiction ModDonorF-Mod Inferring that the Shopping Centre wasn't worth visiting beforehand, sad face :( Lol jokes. Also I demand that Kawney bu ...

1.7.10 Update and other important information

MTPetey aOwnero
MTPetey @ MoCreaturesCommunity
posted Nov 26, 14

The server is now on 1.7.10. The mods page should be updated to reflect what mods you now need. I will also state them here for convinence. You need the newest version of Forge for 1.7.10 (currently build 1236). If you insist on using an older build, you won't be receiving any help other than links to build 1236 anyways. You also need Mo' Creatures for 1.7.10, which can be found on the page. The final thing you need is Opals Plus for 1.7.10. You can find information in the previous news post on an easy way to have mods for multiple minecraft version installed if need be.

An important change that comes with this update is that MyHorse and PetCreeper plugins have been replaced with the MyPet plugin. Both plugins were outdated, didn't do what was promised, and the MyHorse plugin appeared to be completely abandoned. There had been no news from the creator for 6 months. Information on the MyPet plugin can be found here:

This update also brings changes in the Mo' Creatures Community policies. As the player base on the server changes, and other changes take place, we will sometimes make changes as needed. The first is that the pet limit will henceforth be 25 pets. That will also be considered more of a guideline than a hard cap. The reason is, with the pet plugin, a lot of things can now be considered pets. Also, as far as I know, how pets are counted with the spawn limits has changed since the rule was first implemented. There is also the fact that Mo' Creatures pets can be stored in amulets.

With Mojang's EULA changes regarding donations, the fact that our operating cost has dropped to almost $0, and continued support from long time members. I am planning on implementing the following changes regarding donations. All donor ranks will be renamed to "Contributor" ranks. What is a contributor? A contributor is someone who spends a lot of time on the server, builds impressive things that add to the quality of the server, that builds things that qualify for warps, that makes suggestions for the server (whether or not they are accepted), that helps the staff when they can, and, yes, those the contribute financially to the server. There won't be set prices for ranks however. Basically, I want to give the server more of a play-to-win than pay-to-win feel. What is the easiest way to become a contributor? Build something impressive. Be it a tower, castle, village, whatever, and let me know about it. If its nice, I'll up you to Stone Contributor which will allow to you have extra homes, and an addition region. If you keep building impressive things, Iron rank will follow. We'll also be keeping an eye on things like how much time spent on the server each month and stuff like that. Also, for now on all ranks will be made permanent. If you had a previous donor rank which expired, then I am sorry, but it is still expired. Spend some time on the server and you should be able to get your way back up in rank quickly enough.

CrazyCorvid Donor Loving the texture updates on Opals. Perspex lamps are gorgeous now. Also the rest of those policy updates look good, b ...

Upcoming Updates

MTPetey aOwnero
MTPetey @ MoCreaturesCommunity
posted Nov 24, 14

Opals Plus for 1.7.10 can now be downloaded form the link below. It is currently 1 am for me (eastern standard time), so I won't get around to actually updating the server for about 12 hours.

As I mentioned in the minichat a couple days ago, Mo' Creatures for 1.7.10 is out. We've been busy getting everything squared away on our end for the update. DCM is working on an Opals Plus update as we speak, and I have it on good authority that it has a number of nice goodies in it that will make it worth trying out. I've mostly concentrated on getting the plugins figured out. Some plugins have updates that involve major changes. Some plugins haven't updated at all. Essentials apparently can't update due to a DMCA also being filed against them. A couple others seem to be abandoned. Needless to say, there may be some bugs. Report them as you find them and we'll do what we can. In some cases we may have to resort to changing to a different plugin, or removing a plugin entirely, but that will be a last resort measure.

You can also prepare for the coming update as well. You can start by installing the newest version of Forge for 1.7.10. It has to be the newest one. If you insist on using an older one, no technical support will be given. In addition, you can go ahead and download the new version of Mo' Creatures and CMS. When the Opals update is available, a link will be added. Are you still using some 1.7.2 mods, or think you'll still want to use them for some servers? There is now* an option to add version folders to your Mods folder. Simply make a folder that named "1.7.2" and another folder called "1.7.10" both INSIDE the Mods folder. Place the appropriate mods in the right folder. For people who also play on the PumpkinFly's World server, you can do the same for those mods as well. Once the update happens, both servers will be running the same version of Opals from then on, so you should be able to connect to both without compatibility issues.

*This ability has actually been in Forge for a while now, at least since 1.7 came out, it just isn't advertised on their website.

Plans for Spawn

MTPetey aOwnero
MTPetey @ MoCreaturesCommunity
posted Nov 14, 14
Originally I had hoped that towns would become popular on the server, and various shops could be spread across the different towns. It seems clear to me now that that is not likely to happen. So, instead I plan to add some shops to spawn when I have the time. That might not be for 2-3 weeks. Moderators are also allowed to add shops as long as they clear the shop type with me first, and stick to the general "theme" of spawn. By popular demand, there will definitely be a wool shop, a dye shop (which will be named "Colors to Dye For", and a local wyvern and ogre lair shop (since people can't seem to find the one in Onimura). Do you have ideas for other shop types that players would like to have? Do you have ideas for more stuff players should be able to sell to make money? Let us know in the comments below, and we'll see what we can do.
CrazyCorvid Donor One with Mo'Creatures items, please?
MTPetey aOwnero
MTPetey @ MoCreaturesCommunity
Windows shop is now done, I also put some other OpalsPlus only stuff in there. I also completed the Pokemart.... I mean ...
MTPetey aOwnero
MTPetey @ MoCreaturesCommunity
Colors to Dye For (dye shop), and a fabric and clothing store (wool, leather armor, mount armor) are now done. Also, you ...

TeamSpeak woes

MTPetey aOwnero
MTPetey @ MoCreaturesCommunity
posted Oct 1, 14

For those that do not know, a long time member, and officer, xlambetx was paying for the TeamSpeak server we were using for free. As it turns out, xlambertx has run into some financial troubles, and can no longer afford to pay for it. Remember, over the past year and half he was paying it in full, and making donations to the server and website. Rather than expect him to continue doing so, I have decided to put some of my money (which I don't have a lot of) towards getting us another teamspeak server which I will pay for. As a thankyou, xlambetx will be made an admin on it, and be allowed to use it for what ever he wants.

The new server is up and ready for use. The address is The password needed is Wyvern.

If any of you would be so kind as to help pay for the TeamSpeak server, you may donate using the link below. Note, if you do this, I have no actually access to the money you donate. It goes straight to the TeamSpeak server host. 

catbox01 LegacyDonor I'm in for $5.
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