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Recent Events

MTPetey aOwner posted Sat at 2:44

This is going to be the first multi-part post in a while. I'm just happy to have enough going on to have multiple things to talk about.

1) Build Contest:

King has started a new build contest. This time the thing to build is stables. Unlike past build contest, this one is done in creative. The inclusion of the multiverse plugin has made this possible. I know many of our newer plays do not remember the old contests, so I'll explain what one is typically competing for. A player may win an Emerald rank (or Bedrock if the winner is already Diamond or Higher), or an in game prize, such as a fairy horse, large amount of in-game cash, or repair of an enchanted item which can no longer be repaired, or some combination of items. Dont be afraid to get creative. Also unlike past contests, this one is running for two weeks, and we are planning on making contests a monthly thing. The latter is dependent on population and player interest.

2) Spawn:

As some may have noticed we are now back on track with improving spawn. Many of the changes have mostly been cosmetic. The unfinished building near the bank has finally be completed, some old unfinished projects have been removed, lighting has been improved, etc. We are trying to fill in the empty space around spawn, so please feel free to make suggestions for new buildings. Also, the spawn town, which is located past the Exchange has gotten some improvements. We have added two airships to the moaring tower. It is also now clear what the tower is for. There are two free spots, so if any players want to build a small airship to fit in one of the two spaces, they may feel free to do so. Talk to me to get them added in. The town also has several free houses, apartments, and rooms in the moaring tower which players can feel free to live in. You need only ask. A note to our moderators, these homes are already regioned; the player only needs to be added as an owner.

3) Hearts:

I have taken notice of the complaints regarding Horse Mob drops. I am considering raising the hostile mob spawn rate. My only concern with this is that the spawn rate is related to the number of people on the server. We need to insure we dont get too many spawns when 10+ players are online. In the mean time, I have added all three hearts to the third floor of the exchange. They each cost $1400. I did this so that the player market wouldn't be totally undercut. $1400 is also how much a builder would get just by playing everyday for a week. Feel free to comment on this below. Getting your opinions on this is vital to finding a balanced solution.

MousePawGirl I would say that 1400 is a little pricey, but since I am diamond and I get 800 a day, I could make the money in two days...
__Kelly__ Donor I think its better to have the hearts forsale then to increase hostil mobs rate. becasue already there is so many spawns...

Many of you are familiar with the app MineChat. Due to how the app works, we have always been against people using it. There are now more reasons than ever to ban it. I am not going to get into all of the exploits with it, for what should be obvious reasons, but I am going to mention one that effects how we currently do donor perks. As many know we now give out ranks to the players with the most play time each month (except for those two months we were really really slow). MineChat connections are not properly seen by the plugin that handles setting people to AFK or kicking them for AFK. This means that someone could connect with MineChat and get hours of "playtime" without actually being connected. So, we either ban MineChat, or we get rid of that method of getting higher ranks. We prefer the first option. If there is enough player demand, or people continue to use MineChat, we will do the second option. I am presently looking for other ways to deter MineChat use. If you really want to access chat without loading up MineCraft, the Dynmap is an option, although admittedly it doesn't work well on all Mobile devices.

__Kelly__ Donor ohhhhh I am so happy you said this because i was about to come to minechat yesterday when i was at the airport. but then...

Officer Applications

MTPetey aOwner posted Jun 18, 16

We've the recent jump in popularity, we're now thinking about adding an Officer or two. An Officer on our server is kind of like a traffic cop. When you witness inappropriate behaviour, you deal with it using the tools at your disposal, or you report the issue to the higher ups. The main tools Officers have at their disposal are the /mute and /jail commands. If someone violates a chat rule, you mute them for awhile, making it clear that talking in global chat is a priveledge which can be taken away. If they are actively breaking a behavioural rule, you can stick them in jail. They will not be able to use commands, or travel from the jailcell. If a player is breaking a major rule which requires the attention of a higher ranking staff member, jail and mute them, and then file a report. A report should be filed everytime you have to punish someone (training on this will be given to anyone who is promoted).

Officers are expected to treat all players equally and fairly. They will also be asked to help settle disputes between players in a mature and appropriate fashion. Officers can also be called on at anytime to help higher ranking members of staff, or to participate in training exercises. Participation at these times is not optional. We ultimately hope that every Officer will display the maturity, responsibility, and eagerness to learn to be promoted to higher ranks.

The Application for all who are interested can be found here:

__Kelly__ Donor I just saw this. I applied a bit ago. i heard you guys on team speak so thats why i applied.
Moldy_Vort Should I apply...???

Clarification of PVP zone rules

MTPetey aOwner posted May 21, 16

For those new players clearly not in the know, teleporting in and out of battle is against the rules. Cut and dry. The spirit of this rule expands to teleporting to a player, or having them teleport to you and then killing them immediately. Since that is questionable to some, it has been added to the PVP zone rule board, which can be viewed by typing "/pvp" in chat, minus the quotation marks. Additionally, someone violating a rule does not give you the right to violate other rules, with the exception of /me, which may be used to get a mods attention. In any other instance, if a player is breaking a rule, please report it on the website.

Thank you.

Sunbird Mini-ModDonoro
Sunbird7 @ MoCreaturesCommunity
If you need to get our attention, /helpop is preferred to /me.

Weather Advisory PSA

MTPetey aOwner posted Jan 21, 16

I would like to remind everyone that all of all servers are now hosted off of local machines at residential locations located in the US. While in winter, we need to remember that power outages are more likely to occur due to inclement weather. We will try to keep you informed of any such outages. This weekend, for example, Virginia is supposed to be hit by one of the biggest snow storms we've had in years. While we have a backup generator, it can not be left running 24/7 because of financial reasons. If there is a power outage, the Jurassicraft and TS servers will be offline.The main server, and the UBP game and teamspeak servers are hosted elsewhere.

Ace1362 Is anyone playing this server anymore I missed it and brought some friends! it so weird to see everything gone
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