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Ark: Survival Evolved

Petey aOwner posted Jul 22, 15

I am sure a lot of you have heard of the new game Ark. It does require higher specs than minecraft, but it's a lot of fun. United Base Players now has an Ark server up and running, which we are all encouraged to use. The information for it is now on the Ark page. Sometimes we are in the Mo' Creatures Teamspeak, and sometimes we are in UBP's Teamspeak. Feel free to connect. Their teamspeak no longer needs a password or port. Just connect using

catbox01 LegacyDonor Best bet is now to let the Steam servers list for Ark load totally, as there are tons of new servers. Make sure you are ...
Sunbird OfficerDonor It's a lot harder than troll's server (sorry troll) before I even reached level 2, in the spawn point, I saw 8 dilos 3 ...

For those who are not aware, election plans have been postponed due to scheduling conflicts. I've been less active due to starting a new job, which requires me to work 4-5 nights a week, and family stuff that's been going on. Last I heard from Kingtru, he was off in Europe somewhere, and Troll suddenly got a lot busier. I am still in contact with all the senior staff, so I am aware of anything major that happens. I want everyone to keep in mind that moderators, event staff, and especially the MIB are capable of handling 99% of issues that come up. I trust them and will support any reasonable decisions they make in my absence.


All great things have a beginning, and an end. The server has been through a lot during my tenure as owner, and I think it's finally how I wanted it to be. I always said I was not the best at everything. I like to think that how I ran things reflected that. I always tried to let people have control over certain aspects of the server and the community, especially where their skills exceeded my own. Now, the server is running fairly well. The events have their own world. Possibilities for PVP have been implemented, even if we haven't gotten all of it 100% worked out yet. The main issues with the server that I wanted to fix have all been fixed. Now that the server is in a good way, I think it's time to let someone else take over. I have talked about it a bit the past few weeks, and now I think it's time to make it happen. Hopefully the next owner can do the things I could not or just was not very good at.

For those that are not aware, our rules state that when an Owner is ready to step down, or is removed by agreement of UBP and the MIB, the senior staff get to choose who among them will run for Owner, and then all staff, and all bedrock donors get to vote on who is going to be the next Owner. I will open up candidacy selection now, and during the rest of May, we will be preparing for the election. I want to have the actual voting take place during the first two weeks of June, and during the rest of that month we will complete the ownership transition.

What about me, you might ask. When an Owner steps down, they have two choices. They can take a retirement title, or they can go back to being staff. Personally, I am going to go back to being a senior staff member. Either Moderator or MIB, depending on where the other senior staff think I am needed most.

Taosis Thank you so much for everything you've done for the server, Petey! You were a good owner.
pigeonpigface Your awesome Petey great job with the server!
saphireslayer21 Donor Sorry for being one of the ones keeping you on your toes petey, you've done a great job:)

PVP section of the main map is open

Petey aOwner posted Apr 18, 15

As we had talked about in the minichat and in game, Fire Opal armor has been turned off server wide. All other opal armor, weapons, and tools are still available. With this change, we can now have our PvP section on the main map. The area can be seen in the south-west portion of the Dynmap, right up against the southern border.

Tir Brenin

There was once a small kingdom called Tir Brenin. It was a fairly stable kingdom until 50 years ago, when the young king was suddenly stricken with an illness which took his life without an apparent heir. The nobles fought for years, leading to their own downfall. The Tir Brenin castle now sits empty, ransacked of all its treasures, and so it shall remain until a true king claims it. The area of Tir Brenin is now split into 9 main regions. The center area is still known as Tir Brenin while the others go by their old country names. Tir Brenin is neutral territory until someone worthy is able to claim it. To claim one of the other regions, a party leader needs only to state that they want to take it over. Once an area has been claimed, that party cannot directly claim any additional territories.

The regions are named:










To take over additional regions, the leader of a party needs to state that they are invading that region. If the following conditions are met, the invasion will proceed: The leader of both parties involved must be online, an additional member of each party must also be online, and a senior staff member needs to be online to oversee the invasion. If the conditions are met, the ability to build within the region will be turned on, and the parties will fight until one of two events take place: 1) all participating members of a party have died in combat at least once, 2) the leader of a party is beheaded (playerheads plugin). If the invading party wins, they will gain control of the invaded region. Members of the other party will be allowed to move their pets and items out. If the defending party wins, then there is no change, but the losing side has lost items and made a new enemy.

A leader of a party that owns one region can have a nickname adding Baron/Baroness to their name. If they have two regions under their control, they can be known as a Count/Countess/Earl (depending on preference). If they control 3 regions they will be known as Duke/Duchess, and all party members can have the title Knight. If a party controls 5 regions, the leader will known as Archduke/Archduchess/Grand-Duke/Grand-Duchess (again, preference). Finally, when a party controls 6 regions, they can claim the central region and be declared King/Queen. Other parties can still invade the other regions, but the central region will only change hands when a new party has taken over 6 regions.

The End

Once a king has been named, a portal to the much harder version of the End will be opened up. We will work out the details of the reward for beating it in the future when the time comes.

saphireslayer21 Donor it seems like red opal armor isn't disabled

PVP map updates - updated again

Petey aOwner posted Apr 14, 15

I know I am late posting this to the news: the Ruby party has beaten the end. Their team consisted of DazzlingRuby (who promises he didn't cheat), AutisticRuby, SpadesFold, BalterWolf, Cocoabunny, carmelbunny, and Pelagius_Septim. Reports state that the fight took well over an hour. If not for their enchanted diamond equipment, and the fact that the Wither got stuck under the island, they probably would have all been killed. Cocoa and carmel decided to get increases in donor ranks. BalterWolf, DazzlingRuby, and Spades opted for in game prizes. Pelagius and AutisticRuby have not claimed their prizes yet.

In all, I think people have enjoyed the PVP map and the harder End. Which is why it disheartens me to say, we may have to reconsider the PVP map until after we are on 1.8. I know people have noticed lag issues lately. I originally believed that it had to with trying to do the skylands map, which is why we switched to the amplified world for PVP. The result was that we still had lag. When looking at the timings, the PVP map was taking up most of what was going into each tick. I know that most might not understand what that means, so I will word it another way. The PVP map was hogging the resources, and dragging down everything else. Unloading the PVP map definitely had a dramatic improvement in server performance. 3 maps, each with issues, leads me to conclude that the PVP map may need to be put on hold until we are either on 1.8 or have better hardware to run the server on. We might look into other ideas for letting people have their PVP fun, like bring back the War plugin, which was very successful in the past.


The map is currently up. I recommend moving pets and important items off of the map in case we decide to remove it permanently. Have a staff member with world edit access assist you.

A thread has been started in the Suggestions section of the forums, where anyone and everyone can vote on which of the currently suggested solutions you agree with.

NinjaTiger21 Donor Haven't experienced the war plugin. Im down to start some wars with people!!! Muhahahaha
catbox01 LegacyDonor A hard call, but for the best, I think. I'm glad we had a chance to try out the map, though. I enjoyed the "pucker ...
CrazyCorvid Donor Would a regular-type map be up for consideration for PVP? Amplified maps are notoriously intensive; a regular one might ...

The end on the PVP map cannot be accessed the traditional way. Instead, there are hints on how to get there. The first hint is located at the top of the left-side staircase at the spawn castle. On each hint, there are coordinates which you must travel to in order to find the next hint. When it is all said and done, you will be fighting in an End that is much harder than the usual End. There are additional monsters, the atmosphere is different, death is almost certain, and glory awaits those who conquer it. The first team who conquers the end will see an increase in donor rank, or get the ability to gift a rank to others, or get an in game prize instead. In order to get the prizes, your group must have the Ender Dragon Egg. The prize will be enough to make a Builder a gold donor, a diamond donor an emerald donor, etc.

I also want to use this as an oppurtunity to explain how to setup a region on the PVP map. You must make a selection, using a bone, and then expand up and down using "//expand # up" and "//expand # down". Once you have the area selected, you do "/region claim <regionname>". You can name your claim whatever you want. The maximum number of blocks you can claim is 1 million. This is enough for a 100x100x100 area. If you need to claim more, make some friends, and have them claim the area next to yours, and add each other to your regions. These regions do not count the same as the regions on the main map. You only get one region on the PVP map, and it does not count against the number of regions you get on the main map.

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