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If you have issues please start a thread in the Help/Support section of the forums.

The new map is open for business. Hope to see you guys on soon.

Remember, you now need Opals Plus! Get it on the Mods page.


New Staff and Build Contest News

MTPetey aOwner posted Mon at 19:37

As I am sure most of you have gathered by now, the new officers were selected. Those officers are Wafflekittyv, Swiperismycat, and Captainwoodroe. Congratulations to the three of them.

The build contest only received two submissions, which is definitely less than what we expected to receive. I think we will hold off on any contest for a while after this one. Despite the general lack of interest, I have decided to go through with the original plan for it. You can view the two entries and vote on your favorite between them here:

The poll will automatically close in 5 days, and at that time, whoever has to most votes will be declared the winner. Good luck to those who participated.

Insomnyac Mini-ModF-Mod
Insomnyac @ MoCreaturesCommunity
I wins

Staff Applications Closed

MTPetey aOwner posted Mar 25, 14
We received more applications than expected. I will be reviewing them and replaying to each. I forgot to mention before that I am looking to hire on 3-4 new officers at this time. Some people might not be hired mainly due to that fact.
catbox01 LegacyDonor Remember those of you who are new and applying for staff: If at first you don't succeed, hang around and keep trying. Ma ...
Alii Im filling out an application for officer hope i get it ...
MTPetey aOwner On some resolutions, buttons on the far right may not appear. Here is the link: ...

To celebrate the new map we are doing a build contest. The theme is Steampunk! Do not know what it is? Look it up.


The contest will run from March 16, 12:01am until April 12, 11:59pm Eastern time (aka 4 weeks exactly). Your build must fit a general definition of steampunk. Some peoples idea of what qualifies as steampunk may vary, so the senior staff will vote on rather or not an entry meets that qualification. Players can build independently or in teams of 2 or 3 people. Prizes will vary based on group size. All entries can be built in your regular region. A picture and the coordinates need to be posted in a comment in the entry thread in the Updates/Feed section of the forum, along with what ever details you want people to consider when viewing your entry. All entries that qualify will be put in a voting thread where people can view the pictures and details you provided, and vote for the best one. All players and staff will be able to vote


1st Place: If it was built by a single person, they will receive an Emerald Donor rank. Groups will have all members receive a Diamond Donor rank. If someone is already a donor, the prize counts the same for upgrading to another rank, or can be gifted to someone. We can also try to make arrangements for an item of equivalent value be sent to the player. A private warp (one that will not have a public sign at spawn unless the player(s) want it) will be set at the winners build.

2nd and 3rd Place: A private warp can be provided to the second and third place winners can also receive private warps to their builds.

Kynetec There would be no way for me to win these type of things. :/
wafflekittyv OfficerDonor
wafflekittyv @ MoCreaturesCommunit...
Can we use references and if we do is it necessary to have a link to the reference or anything? Just curious
pelagius_septim I wont be able to do the build contest D: Because I have to do alot of presentations and speeches with in the next month ...

White list is now off

MTPetey aOwner posted Mar 15, 14

The whitelist is now turned off. Players are now free to join the server. Remember to join you need Forge, Mo' Creatures, and Opals Plus. Links to the downloads are all on the mods page. We know we said 2-3 days, but the process went a lot faster than expected. Please take note of the following:

1) Spawn is still a work in progress. We are trying to keep things simple this time, while still provided what is needed. Big fancy spawns tend to cause FPS lag for a lot of players, which we are trying to avoid.

2) Opals Plus still has bugs that need fixing. We will be updating the server as the mod is updated. Just know you will have to update it again soon. DCM has been working late in to the night, getting less sleep than usual in order to get the mod fixed up for you guys, so try to cut us some slack on any issues you find with it.

3) The End is being setup for you guys. There will be challenges to get into the stongholds, and the End will be setup in a way to keep it challenging and fair for everyone. See the thread in the suggestions section for more details.

4) Warp requirements for towns and other structures have been refined. See the Guides section for details. The event guys should be working on getting events set back up soon, so look forward to those.

New Main Map in the Works

MTPetey aOwner posted Mar 14, 14

We are working on generating the new map and getting it set up. Some of the work was already done during the temp map, but generating the world will take time since we are pregenerating it out to the border. Best guess at how long it will take: 2-3 days. I am sorry we will not be up and operating during that time, but the server will be even better when we are done. When the map opens up, you will need Opals Plus, the link to which will be on the Mods page. There is a link now, but be aware that version still has some minor issues DCM is fixing.

In the mean time, we do not expect you to just sit around not doing anything. Stop by Vent for Friday Movie Night tonight if you can. We will be watching the movie Bolt. A link to the movie will be provided. We also suggest you check out United Base Players server, called Eden. It has a lot of awesome builds on it. If you are a Pokémon fan, you might want to check out Divinity Pixelmon, but be warned, they are still on 1.6.4. Divinity also has a Factions server if you are into that.

MagentaRain OfficerDonor
MagentaRain @ MoCreaturesCommunity
Dont forget to have a store with DCM's windows in it… I miss building with those. Looking forward to playing on the ...
Insomnyac Mini-ModF-Mod
Insomnyac @ MoCreaturesCommunity
Can't wait to be able to build and know that it'll be saved. ...
catbox01 LegacyDonor You might also consider adding a little goodness to the Builders Unite creative server (Vanilla, no mods) as the Troll ( ...
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