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Concerning Minecraft 1.8

MTPetey aOwner posted Aug 21, 14

With Minecraft 1.8 on the horizon (we might get a pre-release today), the drama from the modding community continues. I just want to let everyone know, that hope is far from lost, despite what people say. As some of you may know Dinnerbone, and several other Mojang employees started off working on the Bukkit project. Mojang hired them on 2 years ago, and what most people don't know, Mojang acquired all rights to Bukkit at that time. This morning EvilSeph, who for a while now has been the lead developer of Bukkit, announced he was ending all the development of Bukkit due what he considered the impossible task of updating it to 1.8 (for those who are curious, 1.8 actually has less changes that 1.7 did). In less than an hour, Mojang reminded him that they own everything related to Bukkit, and Dinnerbone announced he was working on Bukkit right now (as in, by the time you read this, he might be done).

On the Forge end of things, CPW has been active lately. I'm not sure if he officially back to working on Forge on just helping out. I also heard through DCM that supposedly the Mojang guys had agreed to help out with getting Forge updated as well. I cannot find the message now, so you take it with a grain of salt. Point is, yes, Bukkit and Forge for 1.8 will come, and so will Cauldron (formerly MCPC+). Only thing to see now is if Mo' Creatures updates as well.

coolcannon1442 it also says I'm not rank diamond?
coolcannon1442 hey petey i can't use /smelt even though I'm a diamond rank can u help me plz but everything else is going pretty good

Recent Move

MTPetey aOwner posted Jul 18, 14

The move on to the dedicated server from GoDaddy's VPS we were renting went faster than expected. The domain name can still be used with to connect, same as always. If there is an issue connecting and Enjin says we are online, you can try to connect with So far the performance has been better. We should be good to go for a long time now.


As I posted before, we will soon be switching from being hosted on a GoDaddy VPS (virtual private server) to being hosted on one of UBPs dedicated servers owned and operated by Elwoodini (founder of UBP). This will save us $80 a month in hosting cost and a dedicated server will hopefully offer greater performance over a VPS. For those who want more details on that, look here:

So what does that mean for you, the player. When it comes time to move, which should be soon, the server will be stopped, and remain offline for probably 2 days. Doppler at UBP thinks it will take less than that, but let us not get too hopeful. The domain will be switched to using the new ip address, so you can keep using to connect. In case there is any delay, the actual ip will also be listed on the website.

New Plugin Added

MTPetey aOwner posted Jul 16, 14

We have recently added the plugin PetCreeper, which adds the ability to tame, ride and teleport any vanilla mob. So far, I have configured it more or less the way I want it to be. The only issue so far is, I cant get it to work with horses. They might not have finished adding the ability to tame them with the plugin, but the plugin works so well in every other regard, so I saw no reason not to leave it in, for now at least.

I have set it up to allow the following:

You can tame a cow with seeds, tame a chicken with rice, tame a sheep with sugar cane, tame a pig with feathers, tame a wolf with raw pork, tame a ozelot with raw fish, tame an irongolem (built yourself or found in a village) with an iron ingot, and tame a mooshroom with a red mushroom. You can also ride cows, mooshrooms and pigs. Just punch the air in the direction you want it to go.

Plays can use the following commands:

  • /petlist - Check if you have a pet. The petlist command will provide the id number for each pet.
  • /pet [id|all] - Teleport your pet to you.
  • /petcolor [id] [ color ] - Colorize sheep and wolf collars.
  • /petfree [id|all] - Let your pet go free.
  • /petname [id] [name|random] - Name your pet.
  • /petgive [id] [player] - Give pet away
  • /petkill [id|all] - Kill your pet.
  • /petmode [id] [a|d|p] - Change your pet to aggressive, defensive or passive (default). Defensive pets attack hostile mobs, and aggressive pets attack anything that moves. I have set it where aggressive pets will not attack tamed animals or players.
  • Also, you can right click your pet to toggle whether or not it follows you. I have learned from experience that if you have fly on, you do not want your pet following you. It will teleport to you, and then drop to the ground and die. Additional mobs may be enabled for taming/riding in the future.

    Mo' Creatures and Custom Mob Spawner have updated once again. Make sure you have version 6.2.1 of Mo' Creatures and 3.2.0 of Custom Mob Spawner (maybe optional? It was supposed to be but we'll see).
    MTPetey aOwner Good catch Catbox. I still cannot find anything wrong with using the new versions in older versions of Forge however. In ...
    catbox01 LegacyDonor A quick note for players: the 1161 Forge version for 1.7.2 is not actually listed in the Forge download area. It appears ...
    MTPetey aOwner Ah, Zharky never liked people doing that. I guess he finally got around to disabling that. It sucks but back to killing ...

    Good News and Bad News

    MTPetey aOwner posted Jun 19, 14

    A big mix of both really. They all fit under two major announcements so please read both of the following paragraphs. I want to apologize in advance for any typos or grammatical errors. Do not be afraid to point out stuff that needs fixing.

    We have finally decided to go through with updating the server to the newest Opals Plus, Mo' Creatures and Forge builds. This will happen Sunday, starting at 12:01pm EDT. The server will be down for a short period of time while the files are updated. There is one major issue players should be aware of. Due to an issue caused by Forge versions prior to build 1060, some vanilla items are going to be replaced with Opals Plus blocks, specifically colored wood blocks, Perspex panes, and trapdoors, when we update. This is unavoidable as far as we can tell, and the best option we have been able to come up with is to just let it happen, and anyone who we can verify has been on in the past 30 days will be able have any items exchanged for the blocks that they were replaced with. The only requirement is that those people come to a senior staff member within a month of Sunday, June 22nd. For those who have not been on within a month at that time, please refer to the server rules which state we do not guarantee your stuff will still be there after 30 days. We know some people will be upset by this, but we also have to consider new players who want to join, and there are some much needed fixes in the newer versions of all three.

    In other news, we have run quite low on available funds, and the GoDaddy server we are on is costing us $80 a month. With the prospect of having to shut down looming over us, we chose a different route instead. We will be moving the Mo' Creatures Community server on to a server box owned by uBp founder Elwoodini. In doing so we lose some level of autonomy, but in the long run we are still are own community, and we can insure we are around for quite a while longer. We will still need donations however to pay for the domain names we use, help pay for the Ventrilo server (per the original agreement) and to compensate El every so often if he needs it for keeping us alive. We will likely be down for a day or two (maybe more) while we are transferring to his server. We will keep you informed of what is going on with that.

    saphireslayer21 Donor Where has everyone been?
    Chamila Ooh my. Fun times with wacky items. I'm glad I finally started to feel better, as it would have otherwise been too late ...
    MTPetey aOwner No, nothing like that. Apparently some people are a bit confused so I will try to make it as clear as possible. Items in ...
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