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Staff Changes

MTPetey aOwnero
MTPetey @ MoCreaturesCommunity
posted Fri at 7:23

If a new player looked at the list of the staff members sometime in the last few months, they'd probably see a lot of names they don't recognize. Truth is, a lot of staff members have disappeared overtime. We are not sure what happened to all of them. We know some have become too busy with real life (haven't we all?), while others have moved on to different games or different minecraft servers. We cannot blame them for this, but until they make their way back to us and state an intention to resume staff duties we cannot leave them on the active staff list. The list of demoted staff members are as follows:














Once again, these people have done nothing wrong. We just have not seen them in some time, and we need to move them from the list of active staff. I am hoping that we keep getting players at the rate we have so that we can move some other players up in their place.

saphireslayer21 Donor believe it or not I've actually seen moldy fort around 3-ish times within the past month and talked to him a bit... i do ...
Insomnyac ModDonorF-Mod ahem his name is actually now bengalsrule
pigeonpigface It's sad that some of these staff have been demoted.. But maybe some new staff will rise out of the ashes.

News Wrap Up

MTPetey aOwnero
MTPetey @ MoCreaturesCommunity
posted Feb 16, 15

It has occured to me that a lot has happened recently, and it might be good idea to wrap things up in a bulleted list so that everyone knows whats been going on lately without having to read through all the news blogs.

  • Ostriches still aren't laying eggs. They can be bought at the entrance to the zoo instead.
  • Donor/Contributor ranks no longer have set prices, and you don't have to actually donate to get them. See the contributor page for details. If you do donate, we'll stick close to the old prices
  • The server cost have now become only the cost of the site ($8 a month), the Teamspeak ($12 every 3 months) and the domain name ($18 every 12 months). You can donate to the site further down the homepage, and to the teamspeak on the voice chat page.
  • The domain name for the server has changed from to mc.mocreatures
  • Taming rays currently crashes the server. I am not sure if or when this issue will be fixed. Don't try to tame them.
  • We still have not found a vanilla pet plugin that works properly. Currently there is not one installed on the server.
  • Kawney has been promoted to Minimod, Zaddion as been promoted to officer. If we keep getting new players at the rate we have been, more promotion may follow.
  • We have updated Essentials.
  • We have added a new chat plugin. We currently only use it for staff use, but we are looking at other possibilities of it.
  • Changing player names does not work for the Mo' Creatures mod. If you change your name, you will lose your pets.
  • The smelter plugin is still buggy. We may replace it or get ride of it at some point.

I may update this post with addition information as it occurs to me.

PumpkinFly Mini-ModDonor About ostriches not laying eggs, they updated it so that they wouldn't over populate the world. Now you have to pair a f ...

The new domain for the server is All anyone needs to do is change the dash in the ip to a period. The old one will still work until May I've been told, but who's going to remember 3 months from now? So, go ahead and do it.

Be Careful With Changing Playernames

MTPetey aOwnero
MTPetey @ MoCreaturesCommunity
posted Feb 6, 15

It has come to my attention that Mojang has started allowing players to change their names. We knew it would happen eventually and have done everything we can on our end to prepare for it. Unfortunately, the Mo' Creatures mod, and the Essentials plugin (which handles your homes and money) do not support name changes in the current version. Changing your name will result in losing control of your pets and not having your homes.

joshua_coolguy by the way im glad your a nice owner ive seen owners like I ask them a question and they say NO GET OUT OF HERE!
joshua_coolguy to explain and I told you itt was an accident

Crashes Are Being Caused By Players Attempting to Tame Rays

MTPetey aOwnero
MTPetey @ MoCreaturesCommunity
posted Feb 2, 15

As I am sure many are now aware, we have had repeated server crashes since we updated Mo' Creatures. Based on the server logs it appears that they are being caused by players attempting to tame rays. I deduced this from the fact that the crashes are always ticking entity errors, it always a ray being ticked, and in each case a player was either right on top of the ray or within a couple blocks of it. It seems to be only new players attempting to do it, but I have two crash reports from yesterday where both were done by the same player. I am going to make this very clear. Taming rays is now off limits, against the rules, and repeated attempts to do so my result in being banned until we have a new version of Mo' Creatures. I have reported the issue, but I have not gotten any reply from any of the mod developers. I have turned off ray spawns but I have nothing I can do about pre-existing rays. I am also very busy, as are both MIB appearantly, and I don't have the time to humor people who repeated cause the server to crash.

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